9 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

The signs she wants to be your girlfriend are a lot of times not obvious and can seem like they’re out of the blue. So it might be helpful if we list some of them here for you.

1) She talks and texts you first: It’s always flattering when someone takes the initiative to reach out, so if she reaches out often or with even just words, this is a good sign.

2) She schedules dates and makes plans: If she’s willing to commit to a date, this is very good. It’s also a sign if she’s open and excited about going on a date. It shows that she likes you and respects you… something that is really important in a relationship.

3& 4) She immediately texts/email you back: It can be easy to get caught up in your busy schedule, but it’s always nice to get an instant response from her. If the other way around, this is even better because when someone shows they care about how you are doing, it makes you feel special and appreciated.

5) She doesn’t talk to a lot of people: It can be really nice to have someone to count on, especially when you’re a busy person. If you’re the one who usually initiates conversations with people, but your girlfriend tends to only communicate with one or two people, this is something that could be a sign that she likes you.

6) She texts/emails when they don’t have anything else going for them: This is true regardless of the type of conversation. If there’s nothing special happening in her life and she’s willing to pick up her phone in order to text/email you back whenever she feels like it… this is also not a bad sign.

7) She doesn’t seem to care about her appearance: It can be hard for some of us to make time to take care of our appearance, but it’s always a good sign if your girlfriend is not very concerned with this.

8) She’s willing to follow you anywhere: This can be a real lifesaver, especially if the two of you are in different cities or even countries. If she doesn’t mind going wherever you go, this is definitely something that could be a sign.

9) She cares about you and your loved ones: She likes spending time with you and tries to check up on you at work. She helps you out when she will be able to and admire, if not take part, in your hobbies.

So in case you discover your lady inquiring about work issues, doing all of your dishes, and watching you beat your high rating on (insert video game of your choice right here), you’ve discovered yourself a keeper.


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