Cristiano Ronaldo Has Received A 300 Million Euro Bid

Man United will not be taking Cristiano Ronaldo on tour, therefore the team is looking for a means to convince the Portuguese player to stay with them this year. According to sources in Portugal, the striker has been presented with a substantial offer of 300 million euros.

The future of Cristiano Ronaldo may be uncertain. Due to personal obligations, the striker is not participating in Man Utd’s preseason. He won’t go on the preseason tour, which has generated a lot of speculation about his future.

Despite the player’s uncertainty over whether or not to remain at the English club, Ten Hag stated that the Portuguese player is not for sale. He appears to have more of an Old Trafford connection as of right now. A significant offer for the Portuguese football player has been discussed on “TVI” and “CNN Portugal” in recent hours.

A team in Saudi Arabia has reportedly made Cristiano Ronaldo an offer of almost 300 million euros, albeit the identity of the club has not been made public.

According to reports, this sum is split into 250 million euros for the player for a two-year contract, 30 million euros for Manchester United, and another 20 million euros for parties engaged in the agreement, such as agents.

The opportunity exists for a 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo who prefers to stay in the top rather than switch to a lower-level league.

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