The Ugandan Mixed School Where Boys Wear ‘Skirts’

On social media, conversations have been ignited as a result of the observation that male pupils at a school in Uganda were seen wearing “skirts” as part of the mandatory uniform.
People in Uganda’s Western region have been perplexed as to why male pupils at Nyakasura School, which is a mixed boarding and day high school, are donning clothing that is more commonly associated with females.

On the other hand, the principal of the school has come forward to set the record straight, alleging that people are misunderstanding the idea that is supposed to be conveyed by their school uniform.

The principal of the school claims that the item of clothing that looks like a skirt is in fact a kilt, which is the traditional garment worn by males in Scotland.

He divulged the fact that the school had been established in 1926 by Ernest William Calwell, a Scottish missionary who had arrived in the neighborhood back when it was still a colonial outpost.

“They are not skirts; they are called kilts because they are a garment that resembles a skirt and is traditionally worn by males in the culture of Scotland,” he explained.

“This school has a great history, but the history is linked to Scotland. Colwell came to this area because of disagreements because he wanted to introduce this to schools, but people called the skirts but they are not skirts; they are called kilts.” “This school has a great history, but the history is linked to Scotland.”

A student in Form Four shared that while initially experiencing culture shock upon entering at the university, he eventually adapted to the institution’s dress code after gaining an understanding of the reasoning behind it.

“When I talk about my uniform and when they see students putting on a kilt, they usually give me strange looks. The majority of the time, they comment on the fact that we dress in a feminine manner; nevertheless, I don’t see this to be an issue because I’ve had to deal with it for the past four years “he added.

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